Desi Terrell Banks, Jr. is an actor, comedian, and digital genius on the path to becoming one of his generation’s top rising stars. His quick rise to fame has solidified him as one of the most influential influencers of his time. Desi’s innate ability to relate to audiences has contributed to his fan base exceeding over 4 million followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter combined. 

Desi is an Atlanta native holding a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Georgia State University. Through life’s experiences combined with wisdom imparted from maternal figures, Banks was inspired to pursue a full-time career in acting. With a desire to curate original content, Desi Banks Productions was created. Desi uses lessons learned while on the football field to apply in life while fulfilling his purpose. His purpose in the film and entertainment industry has connected Banks with eager audiences and brands across the world. 

Fresh off of the 30 cities, You’re My Boyfriend Tour with B.Simone, Desi standup act showcased to audiences his versatility and range. Through Desi’s social influence and killer engagement metrics, it has afforded him huge brand partnerships in social campaigns with companies such as Google Pixel and TikTok reaching millions of fans. Bank’s high level of professionalism and coachable abilities translate well onscreen, enabling him to deliver brand messages that garner positive attention. Desi’s production company has produced over 2,000 original videos to date. Desi Banks Productions creates writing and production opportunities for aspiring actors and provides a platform to disseminate creative compelling content to the masses.

Desi was able to land his first lead role in the short film Flexin’ which led to a big supporting role in the movie Love By Chance. Fast forward to 2019, Banks has secured a role in the Will Packard Production film, Little starring Issa Rae and Regina Hall. Desi’s commitment to perfecting his acting skills have led to more appearances and opportunities to audition for leading roles in major films. 

Banks is dedicated to fulfilling his passion through purpose. Each day proves to be a new opportunity for Desi to soar to new and exciting heights in hopes of propelling his career in film and television!